General Education Websites and Blogs

The CiRCE Institute: my favorite resource for classical education.  You'll find lots of great articles, free talks, upcoming events, and more.  We also use their Lost Tools of Writing program for high school rhetoric, and their literature guides.

Afterthoughts Blog: Brandy Vencel has been blogging about Charlotte Mason home education for a long time!  One of my most trusted resources.

Simply Convivial: very practical homeschool/home organization blog with an emphasis on productivity and insightful planning.


Ambleside Online: a free Charlotte Mason curriculum plan, all laid out for you!  All you need to do is get the books.  This is the "core" of what we do.

Veritas Press: I love their phonics readers - all my kids have used them!  I also really like their cursive copywork books.  I have used their catalog to help me decide which books to give my kids to read at different ages, and they have an excellent selection of books for parents and educators.