For the Love of Boys

As I write this post, my 6 year old is showing me a big fuzzy caterpillar on a stick, my 9 and 12 year olds are shopping for trucks on Craigslist, my 2 year old is on the porch playing with the kitten, and my 14 year old is diligently working on his biology class homework for our homeschool co-op which starts in 3 days (because I forgot to tell him there was work he needed to do before the first class!)


It is a relatively quiet morning around here, although really our mornings are usually pretty peaceful.  The kids usually trickle downstairs one by one, do their chores, get dressed, and the older ones start working on their independent school work for the day.  It’s not until everyone is awake that the action really begins.  One boy asks the inevitable question and then it spreads like wildfire through the whole house…”What’s for breakfast?”  Now, motherhood has gradually turned me into more of a morning person than I used to be, but I still really don’t enjoy making breakfast.  And it seems like they want breakfast...Every. Single. Day.  I guess I shouldn’t really complain since I don’t have to get them out the door at the break of dawn to catch a school bus or anything.  Breakfast for us usually happens somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 o’clock.  I’m just thankful that my 12 year old enjoys making breakfast some mornings.


If you would have asked me 15 years ago what my life would look like now, I’m not sure what I would have said, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been what it is now!  I was one of two kids in my family, and my only brother is 9 years younger than me.  My high school and college days were filled with symphony and choir practices and a host of “refined” activities that go along with all of that.  Dinners, receptions, banquets, concerts, classical music, city life...this was the realm I lived in and loved during those formative years.  It was a very pleasantly sanitary sort of life.


My husband and I got married in 2001.  We were pretty young--I turned 21 the day we flew home from our honeymoon.  Shortly thereafter, the boys started happening.  Micah, our first, was born in 2002.  Then Ezra in 2004, and Levi in 2007.  Solomon came along in 2010, and finally Judah in 2014.  Five boys will shake up your life.  Here are just a few fun facts from our boy-filled household...


  1. Having 5 boys in the house means we go through a LOT of food...and only one of them is a teenager!  We go through about 3-4 gallons of milk, 20 pounds of apples (yes, you read that right), 5 bunches of bananas, 4 loaves of bread, 6 boxes of mac and cheese, 2 pounds of cheese, and a giant size jar of peanut butter...every single week.
  2. I have become convinced that boys don’t have feeling in their feet.  They will go barefoot until there is snow on the ground.  If you have young boys, you may as well just get used to this now.  If their feet are too cold, they will tell you.  
  3. Every boy in our house has gone through a phase where they were completely in love with tractors.  I have read aloud so many tractor books that I’m pretty sure my knowledge of types of tractors and farm implements would rival that of most seasoned farmers.  
  4. Everything is a competition.  Who can eat their food the fastest?  Who built the coolest Lego tower?  Who can jump off the diving board the most times at grandma’s pool?  Who can stand barefoot in the snow the longest? (Yes, that actually happened.  It was a long competition...see #2.)  
  5. Boys are pretty persistent in their need for adventure.  The easiest, most readily available way they can get their fill of adrenaline on a daily basis is by climbing things.  It doesn’t matter if the object was made to be fact it’s more of a rush if it wasn’t.  And I gave up on the “no climbing up the slide” rule ages ago.  That slide is standing there like their own personal little mountain, extending an irresistible invitation saying… “Come and conquer me...I dare you!”

After fourteen years so far as a boymom, I can honestly say that I love my boys.  Not just in the parent/child sort of way, but that I really love boys specifically.  

Being a mom of boys has changed me in ways that I never saw coming.  

There are the obvious things, like the fact that I now know karate, how to shoot guns, and can identify pretty much all our local species of spiders, snakes, salamanders, and frogs.  I certainly didn’t see any of that coming!  But more than that, being a mom of boys has shaped me in much deeper ways.  Their spirit of bravery is contagious...their readiness to just jump and believe they are strong enough to catch the rope on the way down.  They have helped me to step out into new territory, try new things, and see the world in a different light.  They can also be surprisingly perceptive and sensitive.  They ask questions I would never think of asking; often the world is very black-and-white to them, which causes them to take spiritual truth in a visceral, real-world manner.  For example, when one of my sons was about 6, he asked me, “Mom, if you jump onto somebody right when they die, will you go to heaven with them?”  

The spiritual world is just as real to them as the air they breathe and the ground they walk on.  

I am blessed to get to be their mom every single day.


Do you have boys?  What are some of the challenges or adventures your boys have taken you on?  Have you been surprised by where they have taken you?  I would love to hear your stories!