Favorite Resources for Thanksgiving!

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It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is already almost here!  I thought I'd take just a moment to share a couple of our favorite Thanksgiving resources with you.  

First (of course!) is William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation.  

This wonderful book should be on every home's bookshelf.  We don't read the whole thing every year, but I do try to at least read aloud the portion about the "first Thanksgiving".  I can't read it without getting teary-eyed.  

This is a really great little picture book following the journey of a little girl named Ellen Chilton (who was actually a real passenger on the Mayflower).  It's perfect for the younger ones who aren't quite ready to fully absorb Of Plymouth Plantation.  The illustrations are very nice, too.

This is a really fun resource.  It contains lots of information on what life was really like at Plymouth, including their order of worship, games, clothing, and authentic recipes.  

We also really enjoy singing Thanksgiving hymns.  I always feel sort of sorry for these beautiful songs.  Usually by the time Thanksgiving comes around, we have already started to think about Christmas and the Thanksgiving music gets lost in the shuffle!  Most hymnals have a special section for Thanksgiving, but if you don't have one, here are a couple of our favorites:

Come, Ye Thankful People Come

For the Beauty of the Earth

We Gather Together

I hope these couple resources are helpful to you!  Remember to take a little time this Thanksgiving season to slow down and be thankful for all the blessings God has poured out on your life!

Take the next step:

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?  

Are there any resources you love that I didn't mention here?

Gravy or cranberry sauce? ;)